Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Pear and Partridge Holiday Hop!

Welcome to the Paper Trail Blog Hop. This month we're getting into the holiday spirit with papers from the Pear and Partridge pack from Close to My Heart. If you've arrived here from Betsy's blog you're on the right track. (But don't worry, the hop is circular so you can start anywhere.)

Getting into the holiday spirit always gets me thinking about gifts. I've always loved giving handmade gifts. This year I created a couple of boxes that would make perfect gifts by themselves!

Both boxes are simple and inexpensive to create. For each one I used one sheet of B&T (patterned) paper and less than one sheet of cardstock. I embellished using the zip strips from the patterned paper, stamped images, dimensional adhesive and of course some sparkles.

This box is the perfect size for traditional sized note cards. Maybe the lucky recipient will get a few cards as well.

This box was designed to hold recipe cards or photos. Wouldn't it be a great place to store holiday recipes?

Thinking about the holidays also gets me thinking about lists - cookies to bake, cards to send, gifts to prepare, parties to attend. Maybe I'll keep the second box for myself. It could be a great place to store holiday records like which cookies, who received cards, who received which gifts. I may be on to something.

In that case, I may need to make another box. Luckily, they were easy to create, and I know where to get more supplies. Let me share one tip with you that made my life easier while I was creating. I planned the boxes carefully and then wrote directly on each surface what I planned to do. I knew the writing would be covered with paper in the final product, and these notes helped me keep my plan in mind no matter what interrupted me.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you've been inspired by something you've seen, and I hope to see you back soon. Now, head on over to Amy's blog to see what holiday spirit she has in store for you! You might be surprised, but I think you'll like it!


  1. Your boxes are beautiful and look like a lot of fun to make. I love the idea of having one to keep track of holiday ideas. I may have to do that.

  2. Love all of you little hints Connie! Nice job!

  3. Love the use of the zip strips...the boxes are sitting in my craft room and you may have just given me the inspiration to do something with them!

  4. Love the zip strip use! I used the same christmas is for sharing one on the other set of pear and partridge cards I made up.

  5. These are so nice, and would make great gifts. :)

  6. Great gifts and so elegant! Am I on your gift list????