Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hidden Journaling TIps and Tricks

Yesterday I shared a layout that used a file folder to include letters and notes. Sometimes I use pockets like this for memorabilia, but just as often, I use hidden elements for the story itself. If you want to include hidden journaling on a layout, here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Use a pre-made folder, pocket or envelope. This doesn't have to be anything fancy. You could use a product specifically designed for this or simply an envelope or card!

2. Use dimensional adhesive between layers of paper (or photos) to make a space for your journaling tag. In addition to making space for your tag, using dimensional adhesive (as seen below) gives your tag a nice "slot" to slide into and out of.

3. If you want people to read the journaling, include some sort of pull tab so that people have something to grap. Ribbons, twine, paper clips etc. work well.

4. If you want people to read the journaling, make it accessible without removing the page from the protector. Either have the tag at the top of the page or carefully modify the page protector.

5. If you don't want people to read the journaling, downplay the tag in your design.

6. If you want to record the story, but you don't want anyone to have easy access to it - include it on the back of your layout!

I hope this inspires you to use hidden journaling on your layouts. Do you have any tricks of your own? I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Journaling? Its in the Pocket!

Sometimes I have too much to fit on a page. Between the photos, pretty papers, embellishments and title, I don’t always have enough space for the journaling I love. And if I have any memorabilia, well you can forget space for that! What is a storytelling scrapping girl to do? Add a pocket - or an envelope, or a folder!

I was inspired recently by a note I mailed to my (now) husband when we were in college (more than a year ago, to say the least). This note is one of many I have saved. I decided to create a layout to save these cherished notes and letters. I wanted something with a large pocket that would be easy to add to as I found others. This file folder that has been in my stash at least a year seemed like the perfect solution!

I sealed it with washi tape on both sides (leaving a bit of give so that I could add items to the folder safely).

For this layout I did include some visible journaling, mostly to explain what was in the folder.

Check back tomorrow to see some other tips for including hidden journaling on your layouts!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well Read: A post about favorites

This month's challenge over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles is to create a layout about favorites and use office supplies. I love a good challenge, and I love office supplies so I jumped on this one. I started the page once everyone in my house was asleep, so I decided to work with some of my current favorites. Digging through my stash to get going, I found the Scholastic paper and Stickease from CTMH and I knew what favorites I would document - books!

Since I am an English teacher by day, many people ask about my favorite book, but it is a question I have a hard time answering. I struggle to name an all-time favorite. I wrote about that in the journaling below the photo and then listed six current favorites and described a bit about why I love them.

Although I don't often use themed items, the paper, zip strips and Stickease were perfect embellishments for this topic. It was fun to tie in the different elements.

I love this Thoreau quote from the Stickease sheet! One of my philosophies about reading is that life is too short for bad books (unless they have been assigned, of course!)

I thought the staples and paper clips were a good fit with the theme and style of this layout (in addition to being part of the challenge!)

I repeated the idea of a quote in this cluster near the title as well. There were so many quotes about reading that I had a hard time choosing just one (and an even harder time making it fit on the paper!)

Thanks for the challenge! I enjoyed deliberating over my favorites and creating this page!

What about you? Do you have a current favorite book? (I'm always looking for a new one!)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Workshop is Working!

I loved the Workshop on the Go Canvas art kit in the Spring/Summer CTMH idea book. A home decor project showcasing photos that comes with chipboard, twine and even a stamp set? I was in. When the Work the Workshop campaign came out this month, I was totally sold! Until July 31 you can get this workshop for $19.95 - more than 50% off of the original $39.95 cost.

The workshop is designed to use a 5X7 photo, and fortunately for me I had some really cute ones of my little guy from late this spring. Here is what I created:

And some details of how I layered the chipboard:

All of the chipboard pieces came with the kit - in addition to the twine. I added only the Mocha Opaques (one of my favorite neutral embellishments).

The kit comes with stamps for the title "Home" or "Love", but since my little guy's name also has four letters, I pulled out the now-retired Field Trip alphabet and used his name as the title.

I  love the way the my canvas turned out, but there is something that is almost better. I have enough leftover supplies for another project! Here is what I have left after creating my project:

This project came together quickly using the ideas insert that came with the workshop. The guide suggested Liquid Glass and 3-D Foam Tape to attach the elements to the canvas and both worked very well.

Think the workshop will work for you? At 50% off you can't go wrong! Why not check it out?

Monday, July 22, 2013

More of the family photo shoot - and more reasons I love Studio J

Once I got started with Studio J and the photos from our family photo shoot, I couldn't stop! Here are a couple more layouts, and a few more reasons I love Studio J.

1. Customizable
Studio J layouts are based on patterns from CTMH idea books, but sometimes the patterns don't fit my photos perfectly. I love that the patterns are fully customizable. I added, deleted and changed the size of photo wells, title areas, journaling spots, you name it. And, as I said before, if the change wasn't to my liking, I could always undo!

2. Endless Stickease
By far one of my favorite things about this project was that I could reuse individual images from the My Stickease. I used hearts, tags, and tabs repeatedly in this project. (See the yellow tab on the right hand side of each layout above? What about the blue one underneath the title on the above layout and the right hand page photos on the bottom one?) It was wonderful to be able to tie the layouts in this project together this way. I also loved not having to worry about "saving" a particular embellishment.

3. Speed
I couldn't believe how quickly I created the pages in this project. True, there was a bit of a remembering curve, but once I had finished the first two pages, I was able to zip through. I really did create 10 pages (5 two page layouts) in four days. They weren't work days, but they weren't all-day crop days either. It was nice to start and finish a project in a short timeline. The longest part of the process was waiting for my printed layouts to arrive!

Another benefit of Studio J? All of these layouts are archived for three months. I another copy at any time!

I have loved this adventure in Studio J. I don't think I'll ever become a fully Studio scrapper - I like paper too much and I have to many products. Still, I do appreciate the benefits of Studio J scrapping! Why not try it out for yourself? I think you'll like it! Would you like a tour first? Let me know! I would be glad to show you what I've learned.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Photo Shoot - A few reasons I love Studio J

After working with Studio J last month on my blog hop project I was inspired to keep creating! I had photos languishing on my computer from a family photo shoot in December 2011. I knew that I wanted to show these photos off in a big way on my layouts, I just hadn't done it yet. I decided these photos were perfect for some Studio J play. I created 10 pages (5 two page layouts) in four days - normal at home, with the kids, make dinner days.

Through this process, I (re)discovered a few reasons I love Studio J:
1. Large photos

I knew I wanted my photos to be the stars on these pages. I didn't have to print 8X10 images to see if I would like they way they looked. I swapped photos in and out at will. When the printed pages arrived, I had beautiful layouts that included large photos for no extra charge!

2. Retired (and Studio J exclusive) papers

We chose a blue theme for our photo shoot. I love that I was able to use one of my favorite - now retired - My Reflections paper packets, Pemberley. The colors of the paper were perfect with our wardrobe selections. It was also fun to revisit a favorite paper that is no longer in my stash!

3. Undo

One of my favorite features of Studio J has to be the undo button. It saved me many times in this project. Not only could I remove a photo that didn't really work, I could shift an embellishment slightly, change a paper color (and then change it back) add - or remove - a sticker. And I could do all of that without worrying about adhesive or folding, tearing, wrinkling!

Have you tried Studio J yet? There is no obligation, no download, no commitment and no cost until you order layouts. Why not create an account and check it out? Let me know if you have any questions! I'll share a couple more layouts and a few more reasons I love Studio J soon!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New! New Catalog Open House!

Join me for an Out with the Old, In with the New open house! 
The open house will include:
  • A free idea book
  • A free make 'n take project
  • Lots of chances to win prizes
  • A first hand look at many new products
  • Preview of upcoming classes
  • Refreshments
  • Cash n' carry items
  • Clearance stamps
  • A good time!
How can you get a chance to win prizes?
  • Attend the open house - Thursday, August 1 - 6-9 PM - 1 entry
  • RSVP to me by July 28 - 1 entry
  • Bring a friend - 1 entry per friend!
  • Make a cash and carry purchase - 1 entry for each $10 purchase
  • Place an order at the open house - 1 entry per $10 purchase
  • Sign up for an upcoming class with a $5 deposit - 5 entries per class
  • Book a home gathering - 7 entries!
  • Join a hostess club - 7 entries!
  • Place an order on my website and join the "Out with the Old, In with the New" gathering - 1 entry per $10 purchase
                        - you can order outgoing products right now or new products in August!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Surf's Up - July Paper Trail Blog Hop

Welcome to this stop on the Paper Trail blog hop.You may have just surfed in from Lynne's blog, but don't worry if you didn't. Our hop is circular!

My technical difficulties are finally resolved and I can share my Surf's Up layout. I created it using Studio J. First, a bit of the story.

I came home from an event last month and I couldn't wait to scrapbook the photos. I am not a fast photo printer. I usually let things languish on my camera and computer until I have an order large enough to justify a good coupon or a sale price. Needless to say, I wanted to record the day, but didn't have a good plan to do so. Enter Studio J. I uploaded my photos and off I went. I had the layout mostly completed before I went to bed. I added some finishing touches to the journaling and embellishment a few days later and, voila, a layout completed within weeks of the event itself!

The blue wave paper was a good background for my daughter's Daisy ceremony (even though it didn't take place anywhere near water). I re-colored a few elements to emphasize the Lagoon in the papers and then added Pear - a color not featured in the papers - to coordinate with the photos. This was one of the biggest bonuses for me. I was able to keep a pattern that I loved but make it fit in even better with my final product.

I have to admit, however, studio scrapbooking can be a bit addictive. I've created 12 pages (6 layouts) in the last few weeks. I'll share them here starting next week. I hope you'll stop back and see some more of the reasons I love Studio J.

Now surf on over to Tracey's blog. I'm sure you'll like what you see!