Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another way of looking at ice cream

Do you have a favorite ice cream store? We do. In fact, in our family's lexicon, Gannon's is known simply as The Ice Cream Store. When I came across these photos from last summer I decided they would look great with CTMH's Mayberry paper.

Just as with the carousel photos from my last layout, I decided that the story I wanted to tell went beyond these particular photos.  I chose to have these two photos of The Ice Cream Store (the only ones I have from last summer) represent all that Gannon's is to us. I like the way this makes my journaling more meaningful. I can talk about the trip in the photos as well as all of the other trips that we made to Gannon's last summer. I can talk about what the kids are eating here, as well as what the parents' favorites are. Another way of looking at ice cream. A great way to remember a summer!

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