Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks, again

Finally I'm sharing the next installment of my daily thanks.

9 - I'm thankful for daylight and seasonal decorations.
10 - Thanks for alone time and family members who do food shopping.
11 - I'm thankful for our zoo membership - especially on cold snowy days.
       I'm also thankful for the highways that are near our house.
12 - I'm ever so thankful for people who have listening ears, ask hard questions
       and really understand.
13 - Thanks be for food other people have prepared!
14 - I'm thankful for individuals - like one student - who think of others and take
       time to check in.
15 - Thanks be for reprieves and teachers with a sense of humor.
16 - I'm thankful for babies and a clean toilet.
17 - Thanks for time to catch up and painted finger nails.
18 - I'm thankful for those organizing moods when I am able to purge and for
        many ways to recycle.
19 - I'm thankful for movie popcorn, locally grown and home prepared food and
       new recipes that work out well.
20 - Thanks for found time and inspirational conversations - especially those that
        actually encourage me to make a change!

I'm still working out some details for my album. I think I'll include some photo-free pages (why, not, right?)

Are you keeping track of your thanks this month? What are you discovering? Do you have a plan to record these thanks?

I would love to hear about your month of thanks. I can't wait to see what you create!

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  1. We should havetaken a picture of you eating your popcorn on Saturday for your album!! Or at least the popcorn itself!