Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thirty days of thanks

I love the way November inspires people to reflect on - and share - their gratitude. Each year I'm motivated by those who share a daily gratitude and this year I have decided to join them and share my thanks both here and in a mini-album.

I know a little something about myself, however. I can easily  find something for which I am grateful each day, but I am pulled in too many directions to commit to posting that frequently. I also know that I am not good at working on a mini-album one day at a time. Since I'm trying to be realistic so that I can be successful, I've come up with a plan that I think just might work!

I will record my daily thanks in a notebook (or on sticky notes, in my calender, phone etc.) and then post once a week. Throughout the month I will take photos and gather supplies (including the mini-album itself) and then in December, I will be able to create the album.

Would you like to join me for thirty days of thanks? I would love to hear what is making you grateful right now and see how you record your gratitude.

Check back later this weekend for my first list of thanks!

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