Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Training - Scrappy Style

I'm fortunate that I am participating in Spring Training over at Ella Publishing this year. This two week event has classes and training exercises to help get you in your top scrappy shape. I'm still working on the first three exercises about organization.

The exercises I've already completed - but want to repeat - are the photography ones. I take lots of photos, but I wouldn't call myself a photographer. It has been one of my goals for a couple of years to learn more about photography (and my camera.) I love what I learned from Erin Cobb! Here are some of the photos I took using her tips:

  • Ask kids to make as many different expressions as they can - like these crazy two.


  • Use window light - here I used front light. (Above side light.)

  • She even gave suggestions about shooting in low light as I did here

I can't wait to do some more reps of these exercises. I like thinking more about my photography. I also can't wait to get some of these photos onto pages!

What about you? What have you learned lately?

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