Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I love making Valentines

Although I love creating with paper, card making isn't my favorite - with the exception of Valentines.  I love making Valentines for my family. This year, quite fortuitously, a blog hop prize arrived on February 13th. I received Echo Park's Yours Truly collection from Beth at Positively Passionate About... The paper and stickers were perfect for my Valentines!

I love making Valentines because I don't mail them. I only make them for the family in my house. They don't have to be standard envelope size. They don't have to be ready early enough to be sent out (as long as they are on the dining room table when the recipients wake up.)

I love making Valentines because I know my family will love them no matter how they turn out. My husband will appreciate them for the sentiment. My crafty kids will think it is cool that I made something for them.

I love making Valentines because I know they will stay in my house. We display them for a week or so and after that, they go into treasure boxes. Very often the cards end upon Valentine's Day layouts.

I'm sure that one of these cards will join the photos of our celebrations - and probably some of the other papers from the same collection - on a layout!

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