Thursday, April 12, 2012

The end of an experiment

In March I tried an experiment. I tried to scrap something every day. For the first part of the month I was fairly successful. In the second part of the month, things kind of went back to normal. In many ways this experiment was a failure. I didn't keep up the change for long enough to make it a habit. I didn't create daily. I didn't accomplish more because of the short amounts of time I was spending each day.

I can't call it a failure, however, because I learned some important things about myself.

  1. It is easier to craft in small segments when the supplies are at hand on my desk and when I am in the middle of a project. One of the reasons I got in a bit of a rut last week was that I didn't know what project I was going to do next. It is much easier for me to take a bit of time to create a journaling block or an embellishment than to sit down to start on a new idea.
  2. I enjoy being creative on a regular basis. It makes me a happier person. For me the regular basis seems to be somewhere around every other day give or take.
  3. Creativity breeds creativity. On the weeks I created more, I had more ideas about what to create next. Perhaps the way to get myself out of this slump isn't to surf around for inspiration, but to take out my supplies and get crafting!

My March experiment was useful. I did finish some projects that have been in the works. I did learn about my creative process, and I had fun. That must be a win!

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