Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get a Job!

If you know anything about my scrapbooking life, you know that I often scrapbook about myself. A conversation with my two kiddos last month made me realize they only know me as a teacher and a mom. That perspective inspired this layout about the jobs that I have had:

I've loved the rose paper since I bought it, but hadn't found the perfect place for it. I liked the combination of the more casual chevrons and polka dots with the more formal roses. It fit with the journaling that lists the many different jobs.

 Incidentally, after I finished the layout, I realized that I had left out two jobs I had while in college (between #3 and 4). I'm not sure how I'll remedy that, but at least for now my kids will have a record of some the things that I have done in addition to being a mom.

As with many layouts about myself, this look back made me reflect on where I have been as well as where I am. I never would have guessed that I would have this many different paying jobs. This layout ended up be a pep talk for myself as well as a story about me for my kids.


  1. HI Connie! This is fabulous!! What a great idea! I think the "Thankless" job of being a Mom needs to be remedied with our background a bit. I soo need to do a layout like this! :) Super cute papers you used and I am lovin' those banners up top!!

  2. Love this! One thing that really appeals to me is this is a way to scrap the past without specific event photos or memorabilia.