Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When a layout doesn't feel done

Sometimes I get to a point on a layout where I just don't know what to do next. I've included photos, papers, embellishments. I have a title, the story, the date. Still, something just feels unfinished. There is usually a point with most layouts and projects when I think, "Ah, that's it. Now I have it!" When I have a layout that hasn't yet reached that point, it feels unfinished.

What is there to do if something just feels unfinished? Here are a couple of tricks that work for me.
  1. Take a break from staring at the page. I usually have to get up out of my seat. I go to the bathroom, check on the kids, anything that gets my eyes off of the layout. When I return to the page (sometimes even a day or more later) I have a new perspective. Often I see the perfect way to tie the layout up at first glance.
  2. Change perspective. I am mostly a sitting scrapper, but when I'm stuck, sometimes I stand up. I also have a display easel across the room from my creative desk. Looking at a layout from further above or from across the room is often just the change I need. The different perspective helps me to see the layout as a whole and find the elements which lead to that "finished" feeling. 
  3. Ask a crafty friend. When I scrap with friends we often ask each other, "Is this done? What does it need?" Another crafter's perspective can help to fill in any gaps as well as give me the confidence that a layout is really is finished.
But sometimes I craft alone. And sometimes that unfinished feeling lingers. This layout is one of those times.

I've misted, cut, adhered. I've trimmed, stamped and journaled. I've included letter stickers, flowers and pearls. Still, I'm just not sure it's done.

Today, I ask you, my crafty friend, is it done? What does it need? (any suggestions are greatly appreciated!)


  1. I would suggest either folding the top right corner down and using a brad/button/staple to hold it down or stamp a flourish :)