Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tutorial: Using Stamps to Make Your Own Pattern Paper Part 2

Earlier this week I shared one way to create your own pattern paper using stamps and inks. If you want a more intricate design, you can also use multiple stamps and multiple inks as you create.

I used four images from the Simple Memories set from Close to My Heart. I chose to use three ink colors: Creme Brulee, Twilight and Sorbet all from CTMH, but you could also use this technique with two or even one ink color.

Start with the largest image and the color you want to be most predominant first. I chose to use this round doily and the Sorbet ink.
Stamp near the center of the page and then near the corners. Think of a pattern similar to the dots on the 5 side of a die. Remember,  to make your patterns look more realistic, continue the pattern off of the page.

Work with the mid-sized image next. (You may recognize the flower shaped doily.) Fill in some of the spaces between the largest images. Be sure to leave some space for the smallest image.

Finally, fill in  more of the spaces with the smallest images. I used two similar round images, but only one ink color.

One tip to make your patterns look more like printed papers is to use odd numbers. I used three colors. Although I used four different images, the two smallest images are similar and stamped in the same ink.

This technique would easily work with images from multiple stamp sets. You could even use words or letters (if you don't mind them being upside down.)

Have you tried creating your own paper yet? I would love to see it! I can't wait to see what you create!

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