Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Journaling? Its in the Pocket!

Sometimes I have too much to fit on a page. Between the photos, pretty papers, embellishments and title, I don’t always have enough space for the journaling I love. And if I have any memorabilia, well you can forget space for that! What is a storytelling scrapping girl to do? Add a pocket - or an envelope, or a folder!

I was inspired recently by a note I mailed to my (now) husband when we were in college (more than a year ago, to say the least). This note is one of many I have saved. I decided to create a layout to save these cherished notes and letters. I wanted something with a large pocket that would be easy to add to as I found others. This file folder that has been in my stash at least a year seemed like the perfect solution!

I sealed it with washi tape on both sides (leaving a bit of give so that I could add items to the folder safely).

For this layout I did include some visible journaling, mostly to explain what was in the folder.

Check back tomorrow to see some other tips for including hidden journaling on your layouts!

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