Saturday, May 31, 2014

Challenge week - why take the challenge?

I challenged myself this month with my scrapbooking. I wanted to create 31 pages - one for each day of May - even though it was a school month, and a busy one at that. I am about 10 pages short. I know there are still a few hours left in May, but I also know with my calendar today I won't complete 10 pages.

When I realized earlier this week that I probably wouldn't meet my challenge I was disappointed, and then I looked at all of the layouts I have created this month. More than 20 pages. How can I be unhappy about that? I've shared photos and stories and also played with paper and stamps. Seems like a win to me.

Also as a part of my challenge to myself, I started visiting challenge blogs again. I was totally inspired by what I found! Some layouts I shared earlier this week and entered into the challenges. Some, like this one,are too late to be entered.

This page was inspired by a sketch at Stuck?! I captured this memory because of the sketch challenge.

I love the way the white space in the design emphasizes the photo. A photo that has been in my box for about three years.  So, although I'm sad I missed the deadline, I am so pleased that I was inspired to create this page and share this story.

Why do I take challenges? Because they motivate and invigorate me. Because I get ideas and inspiration from them. Why do I take challenges? Mostly because they help me to share photos and tell stories. For me, that is what this all about!

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