Friday, September 12, 2014

Stamping 102 - Getting More Color

Do you love color? There are some fun ways to get more color onto your stamps! Check it out.
I experimented with this Perfect Fit Halloween set and have three different techniques to show you today.(Know why it is Perfect Fit? Leave a comment. Don't know? Check back tomorrow!)


1. Generational Stamping  
First, I played with getting more than one color from an ink pad. This is called generational stamping. I created all three of these images while only inking the stamp once! This simple technique can yield a lighter shade of the same color. To achieve this, ink your stamp well and then stamp the first generation image onto your scrap paper. This takes much of the ink off the stamp, but there is still some left! Stamp again - without reinking - and you get a second generation look.With some colors it is possible to stamp again - still without reinking - and get a third generation look.

2. Two-tone stamping
Another technique allows you to use two colors on a stamp at one time!
**With this technique always use the lighter ink first!
I inked this entire stamp well with Pear ink.

When you are done with the lighter color, without stamping off ink with the darker color. Ink carefully and only over part of the image. I used black on the top portion of the stamp.

After you have inked both colors, stamp the image onto your project and get a two-tone effect!

Here's an example of two-tone stamping on a recent layout. Check back tomorrow to see the whole thing!

3. Rock 'n Roll Stamping
Rock 'n roll is very similar to two-tone stamping. Begin by inking the entire stamp. Again, I used Pear.
**With this technique always use the lighter ink first!

Without stamping off, carefully rock 'n roll the stamp around the ink pad so that only the edges of the image pick up ink.


After you are done rockin' 'n rollin', stamp the image onto your project.
Images that are circular tend to work very well for this rolling technique. In addition to circles, consider flowers, gears, clocks etc.

Here's an example of rock 'n roll stamping on a recent layout. Check back tomorrow to see the whole thing!

These are a couple of my favorite techniques for getting more color on to my stamps. Do you have a favorite of these? Which one do you want to try? Do you have a favorite that isn't here?
Remember, every comment this month will be entered into a drawing for a free stamp set!

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