Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project #12 Hand crafted Valentines with the kids

My children love making their own Valentines and that desire does this crafty Mama's heart good! I love the whole process - finding the design, choosing the supplies, creating the Valentines, even signing their names.

This year we used a very cute printable from Skip To My Lou - found by my friend Karen - to create these adorable butterflies.

I let each of my children shop my cardstock stash to choose favorite colors. (Purple was popular for both!) We printed enough butterflies for each child, and then we took turns cutting them out. (My little guy needed some help, but he tried valiantly!) The kids chose to write the to and from on the back so that the front stayed prettier. My daughter wrote all of her own, but again, the little guy needed some help. Finally, we made two cuts (along the marked lines) and inserted the lollipops!

I love that Happy Valentine's Day was already printed around the butterfly's wings. I can't quite imagine either of my kids writing that! This was a simple, fun and inexpensive project!

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  1. They came out great!!! So happy you put the link to good use :) I may have to convince Shane to do these next year!