Wednesday, January 16, 2013

36 Projects

My friend Karen asked recently how I was doing with my goal of 36 projects in my 36th year. I had to admit that I am not doing so well. I even contemplated just quitting and chalking it up to a good idea that doesn't really work for me. That is a bit difficult to do, however, because I shared the goal here. I have decided that I will continue on. I am not convinced I will complete all 36 before my birthday, but I will keep working toward that goal none-the-less.

Here is my original list of projects with some updates:
Here are the projects I've completed that weren't on my original list:
I've posted 9 projects so far. I think I have three or four others already completed but not yet posted. I also have some good ideas I haven't tried yet. Who knows, maybe this check in will be just the motivation I need to get all the way to 36!

My main goal is to be creative outside of scrapbook pages. I would love your ideas for other projects! Do you have any suggestions for fun, useful projects?

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  1. You are doing great Connie!! Are you only counting each new idea, not how many times you completed a new project? Maybe you could think about treat boxes for the kids teachers or Valentine's day, bookmarks for you or the kids. They can even be made and given as a gift with a new book. Crowns or tiaras for the kids as a special day, an organizational center for your kitchen or hallway that can be used for menu planning, activity planning or just general what to do each morning/evening for the kids or even chore charts. You could make coasters. I've seen scrapbook paper used as a top for ceramic coasters that was mod podged to seal it. THat could be a fun gift :) If I think of any more I'll be sure to share.